Level 1 – Home Sweet Home

First, listen a story in English using the vocabulary list below. …to be continue

Now you can control your listening skills using the hided text below. …to be continue

I have been living abroad for three years. At first it was difficult and I tried to visit my parents and friends as frequent as possible. It was as frequent as five times in one year. My visits to home were actually very short, about five or seven days, and I would be crying overtime i had to fly back. It was because I did´t have any friends abroad. It was really crazy at that time. However, now, everything has changed. I can now say my home is abroad, and I miss my city, street, my apartment there. Everything what now surrounds me in the homeland is strange, foreign. Incredible, for this great change in your life, you need only one man who will be ready to make a new home for you anywhere.

Second, know more about grammar rules …to be continue

Grammar from the Entry

Finally,  …to be continue

Mistakes Revision

After reading, you can also improve your English by checking this section. Learn the mistakes done while writing the entry and their corrections considering grammar rules.

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