Level 1 – Robin Hoods for Homeless Pets

First, read a story in English using the vocabulary list below. …to be continue

When I was a child, I wanted very much to have a dog, but my mother was against it. She said I couldn’t groom it, and besides, pets make a house muddy. I didn’t understand her, because I loved all animals so much, and didn’t think that they were dirty. By the way, I wanted of course to become a vet.On our street, there were a lot of children full of love for animals who also had strict moms like mine. One day, we formed a group to help homeless pets.

We established our own hospice for kittens. We built a hut of green branches with a lot of rooms. It even had a roof and a window. We had many kittens. Every one of them had a name, a personality and its own place in the hospice. At first I was afraid that they could go away while we were with our moms. However, they really liked to live at our place. Frequently, we were also visited by one old cat and one big dog. One time we even had a puppy!

We Said Good-Bye

Every one of us had own job – I was, for example, a vet. Moreover, I was absolutely a good vet! Together, we stole food from home and cardboard from the marketplace. We all were like a family and the pets were our children.

One day, my friend and I, who were the oldest from our group, had to go away for a summer. We said good-bye like we would never see each other, or our hospice again. Unfortunately, we were right. Many things went wrong during this time. We returned back to an almost empty hut and our gang for rescuing pets was never as cohesive again.

Grammar from the Entry

Mistakes Revision

After reading, you can also improve your English by checking this section. Learn the mistakes done while writing the entry and their corrections considering grammar rules.

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