About Us

Daria Frolova

Daria Frolova

Founder of the GSL Project
At first, Daria started a small blog to share her expirience in learning languages with the aim of helping other learners.
Prashant Chauhan

Prashant Chauhan

Project Manager and Aid
Prashant manages the web working with tools and platforms. He has created the blog "Get Set and Travel" that also gave a name to our learning project.

You can meet here..


Students that want to help other students. We create lessons, write articles, tipps and put together a helpful information for everybody who wants to learn a foreign language.


Native speakers that ready to correct our mistakes, advise and help us to pilot this learning project. By the way, each pilot can become a co-pilot of his own native language!


Any helpers that don’t work with learning language directly. It would be not possible to create this project and it will be not possible to develop it futher without their help.


It is you, our students. It is all people who this project was created for. It is all people who we work for. And, of course, each of you can contribute to the development of the project.

Structure of Our Proejct


English was the motivation to start our project, but later Hindi served as the foundation for the structure of the site. Now the project will develop, and the number of languages will grow with new participants.


Our courses are classified among six types of categories to represent different ways to learn a new language. Choose your course by the langauge and the desired category to learn that perticular language.

Learning paths

Excellent platform for those who don’t know where to start. As the project grows, we distribute our lessons in the way so that you can gradually move from scratch to the next level and develope your new language skills..

Our Courses

0 ABC Courses
0 Active Listening
0 Intensive Reading
0 Supportive Speaking
0 Vocabulary Practice
0 Mistakes Revision

Our Blog


Read diaries, notes or stories written in different languages by learners ​​and corrected by native speakers. After reading, you can learn the language from the mistakes made while writing these entries under our “Mistakes revision” section.

Info Cab

The portal helps the study of foreign languages, providing valuable experience and proven information. Here we share tips and tricks, as well as inform you about the rich languages world.

Zoom In

It is our grammar section that helps you not only to learn that particular course of interest, but also to check all related topics under different sections by navigating through the website easily.