Our Courses

ABC Courses

Script and its pronunciation are the very first steps in learning a foreign language in which we would like to accompany you. Alphabets and phonetics courses will help you to learn to read.

Active Listening

Listening is a passive form of learning a language, Therefore, it is necessary to make it active by reacting to that what you hear in the form of writing and speaking exercises along with.



Intensive Reading

Our reading courses replace coursebook. Learning grammar without any rule or chapter, freely by reading stories, analysing each sentence, you will learn everything knowing nothing simulteneously.




Supportive Speaking

Speaking in a foreign language seems to be an impossible task. Therefore, for the development and practice of conversational skills, it is important to have courses that support your learning.

Vocabulary Practice

Did you learn some new words? Don’t forget to practice them! These courses will help learning words quickly from thematically arranged or some random topics. You can also share your results with other learners.

Mistakes Revision

We publish entries on different subjects corrected by native speakers into a section of our blog. The analysis of mistakes from these entries turn into a training course.